Thanks to idealistic motivations Vanessa bought her first videocamera when she was sixteen years old. Born in Amsterdam to a French mother and Dutch father, her voyage around the world began when she was only three. From the French side she had a history and long line of teachers and travellers tracing all the way to Tahiti. It was complicated for her to share her “Global Nomads”  experience with most people, for her identity was made up of all these different places, realities and cultures. The camera offered to be a window through which she could share some of her experiences. After tirelessly experimenting with it, and orientating herself in different fields, like fine arts, dance at the Theatre School and social cultural studies, she ended up graduating at the Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Audiovisuele media as an all round filmmaker. After all, film had proven to be a perfect medium to connect all the different artistic fields, stories, cultures, history, people and wisdom together. 

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from A-Z conceptualising, storyboarding, directing, filming, editing trailers - for fund request/launching for specific project - trailers for already completed films/documentaries

Workshops & Coaching

conceptualising, storyboarding, directing, filming, editing - musical clips, videoclips, danceclips - for specific events advertisement, after movie, promos, trailers

Commercial,Video clips, promos

Coaching during film process - film workshops for different target/age groups


For any enquiries please contact Vanessa v. Gasselt